2008-01-11 14:35:29 by amodelqueso

Well, I went through the long aggrivating process of creating about 50 characters, and ended up using only one for my next project. Oh well... It's not the whole giant thing I was gonna do actually, it's just a test with the one main guy. It's 33 seconds long, but it isn't total crap. I expect it to score better than that other piece o crap I did. I'm really focusing on simple, smooth graphics with some good animation, and as little as possible, walking... God, why does walking have to be so damn complicated? Anyways, the animation is about the one guy and a guitar. Fit that into 33 seconds and you get the general idea.


2007-11-25 17:54:23 by amodelqueso

Well, I decided to somewhat turn away from the quick action violence crud, and lean towards something more Flash-friendly. I've made 14 of my friends and am planning to use them in an online cartoon! I will be posting episodes here exactly ONE week after I post it on my website. That way I don't lose any viewers or website traffic. I WILL tell you guys right when I post it on my website here though, that way you don't have to wait that extra week. Trust me, the script I've worked up and the things I've done will make this project fun and hilarious. Here is a pic I made for my cartoon. It's me!